Vanguard gallery

Walk or Fly


Artist: Wang Xin,  Chen Yongwei

Duration:  2007/10/20–11/13

Add.:  Vanguard Gallery, Rm 305, Bldg. 21, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 62993523


或走或飞 海报






During the Shanghai e-Arts Festival 2007, we were lucky enough to invite Ms. Wang Xin and Mr. Chen Yongwei to the gallery to tell-a-tale.


Wang Xin’s tale is about the field she has always been focusing on and researching, sub-consciousness. She intends to attain the most trivial and intangible part of human emotions through her piece, such as psychology, consciousness and sub-consciousness. Although those human emotions are most trivial, they still alter. Wang Xin tries to feel those small alterations herself and to enlarge and present then in a different way. By watching the performance, the audience can experience her passion and excitement from the discovery, thus to be influenced and attracted by the tale she tells.




Chen Yongwei’s tale is about life. His traveling memory becomes the dusty wind-shield; the floating inflatable bed is gone during the exhibition designing. However, the fact that the bed is gone makes the art piece more complete. Instead of the bed, light sensitive photo paper is sealed in a package where small drills were made. This simple device can record everything during the exhibition and everyday activity afterwards. Hence, recording is a very important part in Chen Yongwei’s tale. We can’t help but to think of another artist Rudolf Stingel and his continuous project public scratchitti.





For those who have just graduated, Wang Xin and Chen Yongwei’s tales are moving and brilliant. We’d like to trace them and wait for their tales-to-come.