Vanguard gallery

NO.1 Plan for the Sound of the City——Beijing


Artist: Chen Guangfeng

Duration: 2009/9/26—2009/10/20

R204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Lu, Shanghai

Open hour: 11am — 6pm    Tues.— Sun.

Contact us:  +86 21 62993523








Born in northeast China and once studied in Singapore, Chen Guangfeng has shown great interests in sound for all the time. In his previous sound installation in 2007 and the latest installation <the Sound Plan of Five Ring Road> in the Vanguard Gallery in Shanghai, we can see Chen is discovering the social function of the sound from a new perspective.


Various kinds of sound invade our daily life and people often neglect the existence of this incorporeity in the three-dimensional world. The development of the human facilitates the being of the new kind of sound from the very primary beginning to the appearance of the language, from the production of the tool to the industrial revolution and modernized urban life. It is obvious that the history of the sound is also the history of the society and the man.


Chen Guangfeng put a great focus on what has occurred and changed during the development of the human being. As an artist, his works is filled with his curiosity and imagination. He has no intention to prove anything but to dig out the substantiality and highlight what he cares. This time Chen will try to diagnose the society from the perspective of the noise in the city. The viewers will find the normal definition and explanation of the noise is out of use this time. The sound, deviated from the concept of time, reveals a different beat and those collected sound in the installation help to rebuild and outline the city, providing the viewers a different dimension to feel the world.



Shanghai is playing an important role in Chen’s sound plan. Later on, the artist will further discuss the city’s phenomenon in Singapore and Japan. The exhibition will inaugurate on Sep.26th and continue through Oct.20th.