Vanguard gallery

Warehouse Story – The 10th Anniversary of Vanguard Gallery I


Artists: Bi Rongrong, Liu Fei, Su Chang, Xiao Jiang, Zhang Lehua

Date: 2014.3.14 – 2014.4.20

Venue: Vanguard Gallery, Rm. 204, Bldg. 4A, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 62993523






This year is the 10th Anniversary of Vanguard Gallery, we will specially present our series of exhibitions “Warehouse Story” to show brilliant works from the gallery artists. New paintings, sculptures and installations from Bi Rongrong, Liu Fei, Su Chang, Xiao Jiang, Zhang Lehua will be on display in the exhibition from Mar.14 to Apr.20, more artworks will exhibit from Apr.25 to Jun.1 in next “Warehouse Story” exhibition. Stay tuned for our new exhibitions.


Artworks from these artists which mainly are paintings and sculptures will exhibit from Mar.14 to Apr.20. About Bi Rongrong, Liu Fei , Xiao Jiang and Zhang Lehua, they have different style of painting, even different from popular painting style at present, they all have unique personal style and language.


The sense of distance and ambiguous relationship has been seeking and enlarged infinitely in Bi Rongrong’s creation, which were aroused by the contradiction between private emotion and pubic exhibition space. The oscillation between full and emptiness, of the conscious and subconscious world, deploys a mental projection of Bi Rongrong’s poetic universe of imagery as she floats between orient and occident, abstraction and figurative, clash and fullness.



Liu Fei has always been creating in mood of “naughty kids”. His paintings seldom express the beauty of art or the concept, but play a game, which seems teasing and practical joke, with the current authority through art. Liu Fei is bold and skilled in using of various materials and playful visual language. He has always maintained a rebellious attitude and an anti-trendy painting style. He doesn’t want to be labeled, nor does he want stick to the same fashion every time he paints.



In Xiao Jiang’s paintings, most of the resources are excerpted from the pictures and the movies instead of depicting himself, he pays attention to images around eyes. The subtle changes are unable to separate with the artist’s personal experience. Xiao Jiang prefers to paint those scenes without the presence of people, the painting style of him has not changed from the beginning to the end.

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Zhang Lehua’s artworks are attempting to arouse the ambiguities in the condition that self-realization in today’s Chinese culture. He likes using varied media to display the crash underneath it. He hopes his works look harmonious or serious, being like preach, which contain a kind of self-mockery tangle.



In addition to painting, Su Chang’s sculptures abstract from the history and background of China which presents a unique style. Su Chang observes the unchanged essence of nature. His works always in a way of absurdness and never in a hurry, focusing on the truth, as well the meaning of its existence and how the emotions are being read.


The exhibition will open on March 14th and finish on April 20th at Vanguard Gallery.