Vanguard gallery

Art Fair | Vanguard Gallery will Participate in FORMOSA 101 ART FAIR in Taipei


Artist:Hsu Che-yu
VIP Preview:05.12
Fair:05.13 – 05.15, 2016
Venue:EXPO Dome Taipei Expo Park


We are honored to present on Formosa 101 ArtFair 2016 the works of Hsu Che-Yu. He is more focused on image, real eventshappened in life is his starting point, often combining animation figures withreal scene in life to create an illusion between false and true. During the art fair we will show selected works from his “TheBlack Dahlia” collection, “Day-to-Day” video installation, “Breaking News ofSpectacle 2” and so on. In these works, artist tried to erase the events, andjust leaving little symbols and clues to show thepure image and emotion.


Hsu Che-yu successfully completed his solo exhibitionin Taipei Fine Arts Museum last year. Also, his works have been showed in manyother museums and art institutions recent years, such as Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (2012, solo exhibition); Hong Kong Arts Center (2015,group exhibition); K11 Art Foundation(2015,group exhibition); MOCAShanghai:Animamix Biennale(2014,group exhibition);National TaiwanMuseum(2013,group exhibition); tamtamART,Berlin(2012,group exhibition)and etc. besides, hisworks have been collected by many important institutions and privatecollectors.


HSU Che-Yu "Day-to-Day Scenery", Print onto cotton canvas, 90 x 67 cm, 2011
Day-to-Day Scenery| Projected onto cotton canvas | 184x110cm | 2011



Sighing Flowers and Shamisen | 8 channel projections, installation | 13’30” | 2012



许哲瑜 铁皮屋
Day-to-Day Scenery 2| Projected onto cotton canvas | 68x100cm | 2011