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Art Fair | Vanguard Gallery will participate in PHOTO FAIRS SHANGHAI








Artists: Yuki Onodera,  Aki Lumi,  Yi Xin Tong

VIP Preview: 09.08 – 09.09

Fair: 09.10 – 09.11

Venue:Shanghai Exhibition Centre






Vanguard Gallery will be presenting the photographic works of Aki Lumi, Yuki Onodera and Yi Xin Tong atthis year’ s Photo Shanghai. Meanwhile, There will be also presenting Aki Lumi, Yuki Onodera and Xu Di’s others works in insight section curated by Biljana Ciric.


The works of Aki Lumi often display a state of orderly and disorderly chaos: Not only the entangled branches, vines and leaves from the Garden series, but also the Architectural Nature series have demonstrated it. Artist Yuki Onodera placed ordinary things into peculiar backgrounds, questioning their intrinsic characters and the viewers’ perception, while providing a new possibility for the viewers to look at. Young artist Yi Xin Tong exerted his diverse identity characteristics and a subtle and delicate grasp on things, making his works wander through mood that is full of poetic imaginations.



C.V.N.I. No.B-3 | 银盐打印于纸基相纸 Gelatin Silver Print on Fiber Base Paper, 109 x 77 cm 218 x 155 cm, 1998
Yuki Onodera丨C.V.N.I. No.B-3 | Gelatin Silver Print on Fiber Base Paper, 109×77 cm /218×155 cm, 1998



花园/金色 Gaden/Gold | 照片,收藏级喷墨打印 Photograph, Achival Pigment Print, 222 x 150 cm, 2010
 Aki Lumi丨Gaden/Gold | Photograph, Achival Pigment Print, 222×150 cm, 2010




地下室 Basement | 纸板喷墨打印雕刻,索环 Carved Inkjet Print on Paperboard, Grommets, 76 x 99 cm, 2015
Tong Yi Xin丨Basement | Carved Inkjet Print on Paperboard, Grommets, 76×499 cm, 2015





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