Vanguard gallery

Art Fair | Vanguard Gallery will participate in ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair


Artist:  Peng Yun

Fair: 10.20 – 10.23.2016

Venue: 9 Avenue Hoche 75008, Paris

Booth: A210



Peng Yun "Sara", Video, 12'36'', 2014
Sara / video / 12’36” / 2014




Summer of Xiao Duo’s-106, 107 / Digital Photography / 81 x 54cm / 2009




As a female artist, active in fields of video and performance, Peng Yun has been keenly and persistently exploring female consciousness with her gender identity. In this fair we will present her works of photography and video from different periods. From “Summer of Xiaoduo” in 2009 to video “SARA” as most recent work, the artist’s projects demonstrate a reflection of roles and changes in female psychology along her development as an artist.