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Artist | Liao Fei’s Solo Exhibition “Plain” will open in Shanghai Museum of Glass on Novemeber 9th





Title: Plain

Artist: Liao Fei

Duration: Nov.9 2016 — Feb.26 2017

Opening: 11:30am, Nov.9 2016

Organizer: Shanghai Museum of Glass

Curator: Lise Li

Venue: 685 Changjiang Xi Lu, Shanghai, China







Materials are perpetually moving. Everything that is material must occupy a space, and movement means that that the axis of time is within. During the course of recognizing things, we tend to simplify them and reduce their dimensions in order to create a system. Points, lines, planes … In fact, they are the means by which we imagine the extensibility of things. But if straight lines didn’t exist, then surfaces would only exist in our imagination. Flatness is not a property of things, but the way we imagine the limits of the world – when it comes to the state of things, it’s our interception of the void. Rather than saying they are objects, it would be better to say they are more approximate to human intellect. Adding to the complexity is that they are an event occurring on a simple surface; in the midst of time, this means they are infinitely extensible on the axis of time. In addition, the movement on this plane is both the ripples of a drop of water on the surface, and also subject to entirely different changes in speed due to the different depths of water hidden beneath the surface. In the axis of time, wholly different extensions are produced. The property of ‘Plain’ only exists in the “moment” of our thoughts, like a flying bird rendered immobile. In this “moment”, we can also only use our imagination to ponder the whole picture of flatness.


 About Artist:


Liao Fei was born in Jiangxi in 1981. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 2016. Now lives and works in Shanghai. His solo exhibition include “Plain”, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, 2016; “The Equater”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, 2016; ART021 Liao Fei’s solo project, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Vanguard Gallery stand, Shanghai, 2015; “This Sentence is False”, PIFO Gallery, Beijing 2015; “Surface Material Motion”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, 2013.




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