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LAM Pok Yin



Lam Pok Yin has always kept a constant focus on the intersection of technology, media, and people. Because of his academic and practical training in architecture and photography, he is willing to re-examine and disassemble the process of image production and dissemination. Through joking, poetic, or mischievous methods, he tries to reveal the power mechanism and social construction factors behind this process. In recent creations, his long-term interest in the Internet makes his creative practice naturally transition to digital technology and the related platforms, mechanisms and logic of the data generated. Through multimedia installations, performances and texts, he uses the language of the platform itself and the research methods of “locality” to explore the political and personal implications of these technologies. In the past two years, his works have mainly focused on: (1) online labor dispatch; (2) social platforms and attention economy, and in the process reflect on the history and narrative of early Internet development.







(And To Think…) This Was the Future

Multichannel Video  | 26’48’’  | 2021








An Increasingly Difficult and Futile Task

Multichannel Video Installation( Metal Shelves, Glass Jars, Used Phones)

120cm x 80cm x 30cm | 2021









There Are No Places of Worship on This Street

Lightbox (UV Ink on Membrane)  | 96cm x 120cm | 2021









Where Do You Want To Go Today (Twilight)

Inkjet Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth  |  67cm x 53cm | 2021









Kawara’s Clock

 Giclee prints on Hahnemühle Pearl paper  |   76x 60cm  |  2015










Lam Pok Yin "My Book Is My Camera NO.9", Photograph, 10×12.7cm, 2013

My Book Is My Camera NO.9  |  Photograph, 10×12.7cm  |  2013









Lam Pok Yin "My Book Is My Camera NO.2", Photograph, 10×12.7cm, 2013

My Book Is My Camera NO.2  |  Photograph, 10×12.7cm  |  2013









Lam Pok Yin "Our Little Worlds NO.4", Photograph, 32×40cm, 2012-2013

Our Little Worlds NO.4   Photograph  |  32×40cm  |  2012-2013









Lam Pok Yin "A City of 7 Million NO.3", Photograph, 96×120cm/40×50cm, 2012

A City of 7 Million NO.3  Photograph  |  96×120cm/40×50cm  |  2012





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