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2017-09-PHOTOFAIRS SHANGHAI-电子请柬-0816-01 (1)

Artists: Aki Lumi、 Liu Fei、Peng Yun、Yuki Onodera、Yi Xin Tong
VIP Preview: 09.07 – 09.08
Fair: 09.9 – 09.10
Venue:Shanghai Exhibition Centre

Vanguard Gallery will be presenting the photographic works of Aki Lumi, Yuki Onodera and  Peng Yun at this year’ s Photo Shanghai. Meanwhile, There will be also presenting Aki Lumi’ s  and Yi Xin Tong others works in insight section.

Yuki Onodera,P.N.I ,No.01,1999 109x83cm,photographie,gelatin-silver print


Yuki Onodera  P.N.I  No.01  109x83cm  gelatin-silver print  1999

The works of Aki Lumi often display a state of orderly and disorderly chaos: they present the entangled branches, vines and leaves from the Garden series, and the works of Architectural Nature series combine with Nature and Space. The Geomertic space is broken by the disorderly nature. And the mixed new space makes us feel the particular experience. Artist Yuki Onodera placed ordinary things into peculiar backgrounds, questioning their intrinsic characters and the viewers’ perception. In the series of P.N.I, The ordinary face becomes the exsistence of strange and mysterious by the way of collage. Meanwhile, it provide a new possibility for the viewers to look at. As a female artist who is active in creating video and performance art, Peng Yun has been practicing her attempt to explore the theme of awakening feminist consciousness in discussing her own sexual identity. Young artist Yi Xin Tong exerted his diverse identity characteristics and a subtle and delicate grasp on things, making his works wander through mood that is full of poetic imaginations. Zero Distance is the first exhibited Liu Fei’s photography work .Revealing and talking with the most popular phenomenon in insinuating way is Liu Fei’s style. The shooting angle, the subject, and the final image conforming to public aesthetics are all parts of the talking.


Aki Lumi, Architectural Nature No.5, Acrylic Painting on Gelatin-silver Print, 50.6 x 59.5cm, 2016

Aki Lumi  Architectural Nature No.5  Acrylic Painting on Gelatin-silver Print  50.6 x 59.5cm  2016

Peng Yun, Summer of Xiao Duo's-I-01, Digital Photography, 54x81cm, 2009

Peng Yun  Summer of Xiao Duo’s-I-01  Digital Photography  54x81cm  2009

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