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ART FAIR | Vanguard Gallery will participate IN ASIA NOW paris 2019

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ASIA NOW Paris Asian Fair 2019 

Artist:Jiū Society
VIP Preview:10/15/2019
Duration: 10/16-10/20/ 2019
Venue: 9Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris



Building upon the success of its previous guest curator programs, ASIA NOW has invited X Zhu-Nowell, Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim New York, to devise this year’s Curatorial Platform. Taking its title from the popular internet abbreviation IRL {In Real Life} , the Platform celebrates an emerging generation of artists who are digital natives and whose work critically engages with new media, issues of technology, and the challenges of contemporary art practice within our new sensorial environments.

Jiū Society’s video installation Jiu Jiu Dog will be presented on IRL{In Real Life}  at the fair 



Jiu Jiu Dog Shopping Channel borrows the plot of panic-style marketingin TV shopping advertisements to show the urban and rural people’s vision ofmaterial life in a humorous, exaggerated and even absurd way. Adhering to thedevelopment strategy of “Based on Shenzhen and Looking into the Mainland” andin the context of global market integration and the flourish of e-commerce,this advertisement recalls the madness and expansion of vanity expansion in thepast in the most primitive way.
Although TV and merchandise are tied up together structurally, they arevastly different and there exists a rivalry between the two. This contradictionmay be somewhat unexpected and yet reasonable because TV brings mobility tomerchandise, which the later needs. However, TV advertising is the main obstacleto democracy: With its condensed centralization and capitalization, it onlyrepresents the voice of a special group. Although television seems to be apublic or even universal channel for the mass, it is virtually impossible forany civilian to enter.