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Antoni Muntadas in Cervantes Library— “Social Distance”


Antoni Muntadas,《Social Distance》,video ,2021 



Artist | Antoni Muntadas

Duration: 2021.04.19-2021.05.16

Venue: Cervantes Library



The projects by Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942) include multimedia installations, photographs, publications, performances and urban interventions, and they represent one of the most important contributions to international conceptual art practices. The artist is also a touchstone in the use of video and the new technologies in Spanish art from the early 1970s. His oeuvre addresses topics related to politics, social issues and communication, always with one foot in anthropology, sociology and cultural history.

Antoni Muntadas “Social distance” is a video piece for Rome Italy national 21st century museum of contemporary art (MAXXI), in which will launch in the spring of 2020 online project work. At this particular time in the world, health authorities recommended that governments order home quarantines to control the continued expansion of novel coronavirus. Much of the world’s population is forced into self-seclusion, and in Muntadas’s  film , he tries to show the discomfort caused by distance and the distress caused by isolation. In his private space, the artist observes in a special way the choices that isolation requires of individuals, as well as the limitations and fears they feel.