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Vanguard Gallery will present works by Jin Haofan and Frank Wang Yefeng in the special project “Art Week Encore: ART021 X H8” and works by Jin Haofan, Chen Xingye and Yuki Onodera in the PLATFORM  online viewing room.







Frank Wang Yefeng is an interdisciplinary artist who works across multiple media, including 3D animation, video art, installation, and poetry. Through CGI simulations of hyperreality and absurd cinematic compositions, his practice produces peculiar and poetic entanglement of reality and fantasy. Traversed from China to North America, his existential position as a multicultural individual illuminates his creation and makes him investigate the questions related to Nomadism and liminality. As a migrant who turned nomad, his experience hatches whimsical characters that are often post-anthropocentric, and imageries that weave together the real and the virtual. The narratives in his time-based works are often in-between frontiers, multi-linguistic, and in the state of becoming.




Frank Wang Yefeng    The Whimsical Characters 1,2,4

3D animation, video installation|2019-present|04’57″|04’41″|03’00” 






Personal perception has long been the theme of Jin Haofan’s works. He gradually gave up his repetitive attempts trying to solidify every “moment” in the moment and began to find a new measurement method in his creation to observe real life and self-perception. Jin tries to present the ups and downs in the search of fragmental perceptions, and understand the game between the impermanence of reality and the pursuit of self-integrity in order to explore the invisible boundary of life, the rhythm of “normal”.




Jin Haofan   Listen

Acrylic on canvas|90x60cm|2022
















Please scan the QR code to access the ART021 PLATFORM for works of Jin Haofan, Chen Xingye and Yuki Onodera.











Jin Haofan

Born in Guangdong Province in 1987. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2010 majored in oil painting. He is also one of the members of an artist group, Jiū Society. Jin now works and lives in Shenzhen, China.

His recent solo exhibitions include: “A Glance” , Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China(2022); “Normal Temperature” , Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2019); “Good Night, Idiot”, Tenjinyama Art Studio, Sapporo, Japan (2016); “MTRRAGE” , Gallery 55, Shanghai, China (2015). 

His works were featured in the following group exhibitions: “Unruly Paradigms” Frieze No.9 Cork Street, London, UK(2022); “A Place for Concealment” , Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing, China(2022)”Warehouse Story 7” Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China(2021); ”Warehouse Story 6” Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China(2019);  “Shenzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art”, China (2017); “Sullivan’s Attic” , MOU Art, Beijing, China (2016).




Frank Wang Yefeng

Born in Shanghai in 1984, Frank Wang Yefeng currently lives and works between Providence (RI, USA) and New York (NY, USA).

His recent solo exhibitions include: “Slow Spectre”, SEAGER, London, UK (2022); “The Levitating Perils”, Chazan Gallery at Wheeler, Providence, RI, The USA (2022); “On Hold”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China; “The Expelled New”, Multispace NYC, New York, US (2020).

He also attended the following group exhibitions: Boomerang ‒ OCAT Biennale 2021, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China (2021); “Liminal Pavilion”, Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok, Thailand (2020); “World on Fire”, Supernova Animation Festival 2020, Denver Digerati, Colorado, USA (2020); “Resonance”, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China (2020); International Festival Les Instants Video, Marseilles, France (2018); “Liminality”, The Border Project Space, Brooklyn, NY, USA (2018).