Vanguard gallery

BI Rongrong




Colored Pieces-Repeated Patterns

Glass, stainless steel, fabric, reinforcing steel bar, fish string, wire cable, Dimension variable, 2017








Continued Scattered Wave Lines 4

Glass, video, fabric, stainless steel, reinforcing steel bar, paint, wire cable, Gimension variable, 2017









Fabric–03/17,silk screen cloth, watercolor, paper, thread,27 × 30 cm,2017









 Absolute 01/16, Acrylic, PVC, Dimension at the site: 1150×280cm, 2016








穹顶|Absolute 0316 190x190

 Absolute 03/16, Oil on canvas, 190x190cm, 2016








Bi Rongrong "Absolute 13/16", silk screen print, watercolor, collage on paper, 38x53 cm, 2016

 Absolute 13/16, Silk screen print, watercolor, collage on paper, 38×53 cm, 2016








Bi Rongrong "Manchester CMYK 01/14", Pencil and water color on paper, 90x120cm, 2014

Manchester CMYK 01/14,  Pencil and water color on paper, 90x120cm, 2014









Breath, Aluminium, concrete, paint, grass, Dimension variable, 2016

    Image Credit: Cass Sculpture Foundation, UK as part of exhibition A Beautiful Disorder, 2016








Bi Rongrong "A Tangible Shadow" Deformed steel bars,paint, 40m(L)x3.1m(H)x4.5m(W), 2014

A Tangible Shadow, Deformed steel bars, paint, 40m×3.1m×4.5m, 2014





Bi Rongrong, Public Art Project “7:3 Colors” Transparent colored Plexiglas, stainless steel, LED Dimension Variable, 2013

Public Art Project “7:3 Colors”,  Transparent colored plexiglas, stainless steel, LED Dimension variable, 2013