Vanguard gallery

Xue MU


Mu expands her visual universe through drawing, photography, installation, and object assemblage. Using ambiguous aesthetics and elliptical tactics, the versatile artist closely observes and bypasses the inevitable cultural-political dissonances. Inspired by the research of psychologists, historians, and philosophers, Mu abides on subjects of the individual’s existential struggle and collectivism. Her project-based practice capsulizes perceptions of value obscured by time, technology, and belief systems. Meanwhile, she assembles the unregistered and the overlooked matters, reexamines their silent power, and names them Super Ghosts – the counter presence of the masculine western concept of Super-Heroes.







Black Diamond 2016 _No.1 Brain Fire

Charcoal on acid-free paper|182×206 cm|2016






ACN_ Black Bath

Inject print on fine art paper|70 x 70 cm|2014