Vanguard gallery

通知 | Vanguard画廊元旦假期闭馆安排

廖斐 Liao Fei | 对称 Symmetry
钟表 Clocks | 直径36cm x 24件 ø36cm*24
展览尺寸可变 Exhibiton size varies | 2021
花厅计划展览现场 Exhibition View at Cloister Project



Vanguard Gallery will be closed from January 1st to 3rd during the New Year’s Day holiday, and will open to the public since January 4th.
Happy New Year!🎇


正在展出  What’s on?


朱昶全:向上一指 Zhu Changquan: Omnipresence
上海莫干山路50号4号楼A座204室,Vanguard 画廊
Vanguard Gallery, Rm 204, Bldg. 4A, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai








廖斐:外在Liao Fei: Depiction
2021.12.19 – 2022.2.28
2F, The Cloisters Apartments, 62 West Fuxing Road, Shanghai