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  • 2015/07/11—2015/08/30 Gas Station VIII
  • As an ongoing project launched from 2008, Gas Station aims to provide a platform for provoking the potential and imagination of young artists from which sparks, with new energy being continuously input, burst out not only in-between artists also between galleries and artists. The exhibition Gas Station VIII : The Rubber trumpet will open at July.11, 2015, presenting the new works of Guo Xi and Yi Xin Tong.


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  • Summer Break Notice

  • Vanguard Gallery temporarily close from Aug.1st to Aug.13th for summer break.
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  • Nowhere To Hide 2015.6.6-7.6

  • The concept of space is always an inevitable topic regarding the development of video art. And there are at least two narrative spaces concerning all the works of such genre: one is the live shooting spot, the other the space where the video is watched by the audience. We hope, in this exhibition, to launch the topic of "spatial narrative of video works" by two video pieces created from different initiatives, in doing so the discussion of such topic can be extended from the conventional internal narrative to the multiple narratives of the external space.
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  • Palais de Tokyo presents the very first solo exhibition in France of Chinese young artist Tianzhuo Chen

  • Palais de Tokyo presents the very first solo exhibition in France of Chinese young artist Tianzhuo Chen (born 1985, lives and works in Beijing, China).It's one of the project of K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo 3-year-collaboration.
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  • Gas Station VIII 2015.7.11-2015.8.30

  • “Gas Station” project aims to provide a platform to stimulate the potential and imagination for young artists, since its launch in 2008, this project aims to build a platform which gives full space to artists’ creative potential.
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  • Vanguard Gallery attend the Art 15 London Art Fair

  • Vanguard Gallery attend the Art 15 London Art Fair, welcome to our booth. Booth: No. A20. Artists: Bi Rongrong ,Chen Tianzhuo,Shen Xuezhe,Xiao Jiang.
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  • Warehouse Story IV 2015/03/28-2015/05/10

  • Vanguard Gallery this year’s Warehouse Story IV will exhibit paintings and videos from artists Gao Mingyan, Liu Fei, Hsu Che-yu, Xiao Jiang and Zhang Lehua. This exhibition will open on March 28th 2015 in Vanguard Gallery, and last till May 10th.
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  • Bi Rongrong will participate in the 2nd “CAFAM Future” Exhibition Observer – Creator: The Reality Representation of Chinese young art

  • The 2nd “CAFAM Future” Exhibition Observer, Bi Rongrong will participate in this exhibition with part of her installation <7:3 Colors>.
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  • Compressed Project 2015/01/24-2015/03/22

  • Vanguard gallery’s first exhibition in 2015 will be participated by three newly graduated artists Tang Chao, Zhu Changquan, Film Group (Cao Zilin, Tang Chao) whom are from China Academy of Art, Studio of Experimental Image. The exhibition will display their video works.
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  • Hsu Che-Yu will participate in the exhibition “Visions and Beyond” of Shenzhen independent animation biennale

  • This year's Shenzhen independent animation biennale is held by Shenzhen OCT-LOFT, The Themed Exhibition will open in OCT-LOFT from 2014.12.6 to 2015.3.6. Hsu Che-Yu will joint this exhibition and show his video named <1970.11.11>.
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  • The exhibition "Thousand mirrors in the forest" of Yuki Onodera & Aki Lumi @ MABA

  • "Thousand mirrors in the forest" of Yuki Onodera & Aki Lumi @ La Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz, Date: November 6 – December 21 2014.
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