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  • 2014/07/12-2014/08/24 Gas Station VII - Great Rejuvenation
  • This year the two artists in “Gas Station” are Mu Jin and German artist Tobias Rosenberger, they collaborated on the animation installation work. The Literary figure "Fu Manchu" is the starting point for "Great Rejuvenation" project, The two artists, Mu Jin and Tobias Rosenberger interpret and resurrect this image, because of the meaning of this image which never faded with time lapse. The exhibition will open on July 12th and finish on August 24th at Vanguard Gallery.


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  • Gas Station VII - Great Rejuvenation 2014/07/12-2014/08/24

  • This year edition of “Gas Station” features a collaboration project between Mujin and German artist Tobias Rosenberger. For their "Great Rejuvenation" project they excavated and rejuvenated "Fu Manchu" as a common starting point to discuss the existence of cultural stereotypes. The exhibition will open on July 12th and finish on August 24th at Vanguard Gallery.
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  • 2014 Art Asia Shanghai 2014/06/05-06/08

  • Vanguard Gallery invites you to visit our booth 2A at 2014 Art Asia Shanghai. We are proud to present the artworks of Bi Rongrong, Ou Wenting, Ye Linghan, stay tuned!
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  • Lines Reflect, Shadows Write 2014/06/06-2014/07/06

  • What is man-made? What kind of cognition created our world? These phenomena and situations were verified by Aki Lumi with his photography, painting, design, etc. We will present “The Garden”, “Trace” and “Fracto-graph” in Lines Reflect, Shadows Write--Aki Lumi’s solo exhibition. The exhibition will open on 6 June at Vanguard Gallery and last to 6 July.
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  • “Warehouse Story” – The 10th Anniversary of Vanguard Gallery Ⅱ 2014/03/14-2014/04/20

  • Initiated in the beginning of 2004, Vanguard Gallery has established itself as a gallery that devotes to find and support the work of the innovative younger artists. After ten years we wanted to celebrate our birthday with special series of exhibitions “Warehouse Story” to show brilliant works from the gallery artists. At the last show we exhibited paintings and sculpture from 5 artists with unique personal style. This time we will exhibit paintings, installation and photos from Chen Tianzhuo, Gao Mingyan, Ou Wenting, Xu Di and Ye Linghan.
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  • “Warehouse Story” – The 10th Anniversary of Vanguard Gallery I 2014/03/14-2014/04/20

  • This year is the 10th Anniversary of Vanguard Gallery, we will specially present our series of exhibitions “Warehouse Story” to show brilliant works from the gallery artists. New paintings, sculptures and installations from Bi Rongrong, Liu Fei, Su Chang, Xiao Jiang, Zhang Lehua will be on display in the exhibition from Mar.14 to Apr.20, more artworks will exhibit from Apr.25 to Jun.1 in next “Warehouse Story” exhibition. Stay tuned for our new exhibitions.
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  • ART 14 London 2013/02/27-03/02

  • ART 14 London Booth: No.J9 Date: 28/02-02/03/2013 Preview: 27/02/2013 Venue: Olympia Grand Hall, Olympia Way, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, Lodon, W14 8UX Artsis: Liao Fei (ART 13 Project), Xiao Jiang, Ye Linghan, Ou Wenting, Shen Xuezhe, Zhang Lehua
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  • Feel In the Blank 2014/01/11-2014/03/09

  • “Ignore”, “daily life”, “trivial”, “boring”, “insignificant” are used most in the essays referring to Liang Yue. In this exhibition, we will show Liang Yue’s work Them which is composed of ten short films and each 5 minutes. Like Liang Yue, the other artist of this exhibition Yuki Onodera equally focused on “everyday” but in her lens it’s different from Liang Yue and indeed an imaginative fantasy stage. In this exhibition, How to Make a Pearl series by Yuki Onodera is derived from her curiosity about a box camera she found at a flea market and the information she’d heard about how glass marbles and pearls are made.
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  • Surface Material Motion 2013/11/01-2014/01/05

  • Surface、material and motion are what Liao Fei keeps a watchful eye on recently. Exploring the unknown world, for Liao Fei, acts as a momentous reason why he does creation. And the multifarious world today seems exactly to offer him infinite possibilities.
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  • Art Stage Singapore 2014/01/16-01/19

  • Art Stage Singapore 2014, Southeast Asia Platform Project, Date: 2014.1.16 - 1.19, Venue: Marina Bay Sands Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Artsis: Liao Fei
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  • The World's Longing for Lushan 2013/09/06-10/20

  • Zhang Lehua’s art works are attempting to arouse the ambiguities in the condition that self-realization in today’s Chinese culture. He likes using varied media to display the crash underneath it. Provocation to the established rules and social ethics throughout his works in recent years. He hopes his works look harmonious or serious, being like a preach, which contain a kind of self-mockery tangle.
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