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“OUT-LOOK” @Shenzhen


Time:2007/7/28/- 8/27

Opening:2007/7/28   2:30 pm

Out-look SALE:2007/7/28- 7/29  10:00 am- 8:00 pm

Venue:Shenzhen COCO PARK





Outlook, here means come out to have a look.
The initiative of this project is to encourage young designers and artists to participate, solely create and develop independent thoughts, creating excellent works in a free and easy environment. We hope that this project can provide more designers and artists with a platform to communicate and an opportunity to show their talent.
In the design of the exhibition, we put design and art, which have apparent differences, in one context, hoping that these two categories can learn from and inspire each other.




《OutLook-Shanghai》 Dec. 2005
《OutLook-Shanghai》 was held in the Super Brand Mall in Pudong, Shanghai in Dec 2005. This show exhibited work by 62 artists and designers from both China and abroad, and hundreds of pieces of works were shown which included graphic design, product design, fashion design, illustration, video, animations, installation and sculpture. Total number of visitors reached more than 5000 and more than 10 media organizations reported on the show. This exhibition not only drew a huge amount of attention from the audience but also was highly spoken of in the art industry.



Looking forward

《OutLook-Shenzhen》  July 28, 2007
After one year careful preparation,《OutLook-Shenzhen》 is going to be shown. Shenzhen is different to Shanghai, it was the first opened-up city in China. There are many first-generation independent designers and Shenzhen’s mixed cultures brought the city more energy and live. High efficiency, being orderly and young are Shenzhen’s characteristics, which is why it was chosen to be the second city for the project “OutLook” exhibition.


Exhibition Style

There are four parts in “OutLook@Shenzhen” exhibition:

1  Exhibition
The style of the Shenzhen show is going to be different to the Shanghai one. We are going to mix the categories of art, but to re-categorize all the art and design works from vision, hearing and sense of touch. Since the show is based on a non-theme and free-creating idea, each participating artist and designer can fully express their own thoughts, showing the audience their best works.


We have also expanded the outside show space, the exhibition is no longer limited to the 2000 sqm allowed, but to extend it to every single corner of the city. A show may be happening in the space you are working in or living in.



On the other hand, Shenzhen show followed some style of the Shanghai show, a commercial area in the CBD in Shenzhen is chosen to hold the exhibition, highlighting the meaning of “OutLook”. We also emphasize the interaction of the works, presenting carefully selected works through different forms. The atmosphere of the show is going to be a little different to the previous shows due to the specialty of the show place and the theme of an easy party.


2  OutLook SALE
Besides, we are going to hold an “OutLook SALE” on the day of the opening, inviting designers to participate in this activity.


3  Forum

We’ll invite four or five totally different persons, who is more professional in his area, and they would give a speech with different topics during exhibition.


4  The Theater and Short Film

Five short film directed by Chinese indepened directors would be displayed on the opening. All films talk about different aspects of China at present.We invite a very active and excellent group “Cao Tai Ban Zi” to present their new theater in our exhibition. Their new theater would be one of highlights in this exhibition.


Extended activities of the exhibition

The establishment of the project “OutLook” is to provide young designers and artists in China with a free-creating platform, on which they can communicate with and motivate each other, release pressure and get away from rules, to become a real independent artist and designers.


Online forums: we will update the whole website this time, making it easier for everyone to communicate creative ideas and thoughts about life.


OutLook SALE: after the exhibition, there are going to be occasional OutLook SALE in the exhibition space, we welcome all interested designer to participate, no matter if you live in Shenzhen or are just passing by Shenzhen.


Next stop: “OutLook” is a continuous topic, we all look forward to the next stop.