Vanguard gallery



Artists:  Liu Fei,  Nam HyoJun


Address: Rm204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai 200060 P.R.China

Gallery hour: Tue – Sun, 11am-6pm

Tel: +86 21 5252-2551






Gap means distance, barrier and hard to communicate; at meantime, it also implies the meaning that trying to break this distance and barrier, but didn’t make it. September 5th, themed with “GAP”, this exhibition is opened in Vanguard Gallery, and viewers will take a look at Liu Fei and Nam HyoJun’s paintings and installations which are presenting their personal thought and experience under the same topic.


There is certain common ground contained in two artists’ works: have an insight into surrounding environment, and sensitive consciousness about individual existence and political nature of social relation - these are all Liu and Nam’s starting point. But difference is also very obvious between two artists: language, culture background and different identity. Liu is more focus on caring misunderstanding and prejudice caused by culture, history and economic differences; as for Nam, because of his special identity he can use a special angle to consider complicated relationship that North Korea, Korea and Japan have and also what this twisted relationship brought to his personal grow-up.



To their work, Gap is also taken as an element. Chinese, European and American; Korean, Japanese and North Korean - they are all in a misunderstood situation caused by gap, moreover, along with misunderstanding deepened, the sense of lack of communication is strengthened.


Under this condition where communication is getting harder, the meaning of gap with different living background, different considering angle, different living state and different consciousness characteristics in art works is shown.


Duration of exhibition is 24 days, since September 5th to September 28th.