Vanguard gallery

City of Gaze


Artist:Jeong-Ju Jeong


Address: Rm204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai 200060 P.R.China

Gallery hour: Tue – Sun, 11am-6pm

Tel: +86 21 5252-2551

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“City of Gaze” is an art program composed by South Korea artist Jeong-Ju Jeong. This program will be accomplished by 3 series of exhibition which were and going to be held in Nagoya Japan (2007), Shanghai China (2008) and Seoul South Korea (2009). During his exhibitions, Jeong will construct a number of virtual mini architectures with some cameras to be fitted inside out those “buildings” to capture some unique images from different angles and dimensions of his works. Through the implication of those architectures which represent as the media for the society as well as the images taken from different perspectives, Jeong intend to demonstrate the upcoming conflicts between traditional culture and future imagination, collective lifestyle and individual privacy under such a fast-developing society.





Duration of exhibition is 20 days, since Oct. 26th to Nov. 14th.