Vanguard gallery



Artists: Liu Bolin,  Liu Fei,  Nam HyoJun,  Wu Meng

Duration: Friday, November 27, 2009 — Sunday, January 3, 2010

R204,Bldg.4A Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

T: +86 21 62993523

Tuesday — Sunday  10am—6pm









Vanguard Gallery is pleased to announce the latest group exhibition —“Createinstall”. This exhibition brings together various works of Liu Bolin, Liu Fei, Nam HyoJun and Wu Meng featuring painting, photography, video and sculpture.


Liu Bolin is eminent for his early works < Urban Camouflage >. He uses hiding as a strategy, like a chameleon, the best way to protect ourselves is to be invisible in the surroundings.


Liu Fei always tries to add new material in his painting, which astonishes us with his boldness in using various materials and playful visual language.


23 years old Nam HyoJun is a very young artist. As a Japanese born North-Korean, Nam focuses greatly on the relationship among North Korean, Korea and Japan. The special identity and his age make Nam sensitive of the change of the surroundings and himself. What’s amazing is that Nam can melt this subtle emotion into his workings perfectly, revealing his works to the viewer in a most concise way.


Wu Meng is an active artist in various fields. She is not only a visual artist, but a free writer and a theatre artist. The theme of the video <Face> is the lack of spirit in the modern society. No matter how hard we try to disguise ourselves, the inner authentic feeling is unable to hide. The smile on your face speaks out what’s hanging on in your mind. Wu Meng is leading us to discover the true self-awareness behind smile.

《脸》录像作品 吴梦

Though all the works in the exhibition is different in styles and expressions, the works speak to us visually, aurally, tactilely and intelligently. After seeing these works, the viewers can feel the great power that lies in every piece of the small works.


The exhibition will begin on Nov 27th, 2009 and be on view through Jan.3rd, 2010.