Vanguard gallery

Fairy Tale


Artists: Xue Tao, Zhang Ding, Zhao Guanghui

Opening: March 20th  4 pm

Duration: March 20th to May 16th

Address: Rm204 Bldg 4A, 50 Moganshan Rd, Vanguard Gallery

Opening hours: Tues-Sun. 11:00-18:00

Contact: +86 21 6299 3523







It is hard to classify works of artists of the new generation. Works from Xue Tao, Zhang Ding and Zhao Guanghui which exhibit in “Fairy Tale”, should they be labeled with sculptures, installations or other forms of art? It’s difficult to define them with traditional concept.


From 2000, Xue Tao begins to create with used newspaper as an experiment. Newspaper as we know, is a daily thing but also a thing that’s easily be neglected. Xue chooses, utilizes and combines those consumed or unconsumed material culture substances in daily life. From some angle, the utilization of paper is to save history. History helps stimulate and remind people of paying attention on the existed individual and material desires of the group, and also the profound issues on society and life which are covered by these desires gradually.



Installation “Aeronautical meal of the secret family” from Zhang Ding is more like a delicate arranged party. The dramatic scene seems to hide the secret tunnel to power manipulation. On the other hand lies the valiant, agile phantom. It is not only a brand new attempt for the artist in terms of composition language, but also a continuing of his multi-dimension meditation of the society.



Works of Zhao Guanghui fully demonstrates his curiosity on modern science and technology, especially on those unknown and uncertain things in future. “Mr. Dodge” looks like a car but with a gold fish tail. This works brings viewer more uncertainty on vision but more gameplay on conception as well.



This exhibition is on view through March 20th till May 16th