Vanguard gallery

In the blink of an eye


Artists: Liu Fei, Tang Dixin, Xiao Jiang

Duration: 2010/6/18-7/25

Address: R204, 4A Bldg. 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

T: +86 21 6299 3523

Tues — Sun 10am-6pm






Vanguard Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition “In the blink of an eye”. In this exhibition, you will have a chance to view the latest paintings of Liu Fei, Tang Dixin and Xiao Jiang. The exhibition will inaugurate on June 18th and ends on July 25th.


Liu Fei questions the value system of contemporary Chinese art. And he also focuses on other values in the fast growing China of today and the misunderstandings between the east and the west. As an artist, Liu Fei is bold and skilled in using of various materials and playful visual language.


Painting helps to demonstrate Tang Dixin’s sensual logic and extreme private scene. What he wants to discover is kind of real need and release based on personal emotion. Most of images he creates are realistic. However, Tang gets rid of the complication out of reality, only remaining simple relations between object and object.


Most of the works of Xiao Jiang are created from pictures and movie scenes. The distance between pictures and reality facilitates Xiao to depict the object with calmness. Those scenes with order, or disorder, cleanness, simpleness, trifle or familiarity are the elements touching Xiao Jiang.

话语权 油画 150cmx200cm

Zhuang Zi once said:” Life will disappear in the blink of an eye, just like the white horse crossing the gap.” “In the blink of an eye” is often used as a metaphor of time flying, enlightening people of how short our life is. Life will vanish in the blink of an eye. And in our daily life, some sentiments and understandings of a certain moment will also fade away. The three artists have grasped what comes into their mind through their own ways. Though the scenes the artists create appear simple and daily, they have recorded the authentic feelings on understanding life.