Vanguard gallery

At Sixes and Sevens


Organizer: M50 Creative Space

Address: R102, Bldg 6, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Artists:  Han Jiaquan,  Tang Dixin,  Xiao Jiang

Duration:  2011/3/5—2011/4/2

Contact: (8621)6277-6123/5252-2551








“At Sixes and Sevens”, the painting exhibition on March from three artists–Han Jiaquan, Tang Dixin, Xiao Jiang, will lift the curtain on the 2011 exhibitions of M50 Creative Space. Three artists from different backgrounds are all at exploratory stage, and the uncertainty presented in their works shows that their condition is “at sixes and sevens”. Searching, thinking and trying new ways are important parts of this stage.


Works from Han Jiaquan emphasize the reality existing in the paintings, which can be the result of cool observation from the artist, or the traces after meditation, or the presentation of the blending of object and spirit, or the  production of artist’s attaching his habits to the object. The credibility of the reality lies in the fact that all that mentioned above is the reveal of various artificial traces, imagination included.


Tang Dixin is trying to explore a kind of authentic need based on personal affection in his works, also hoping to respond to the audience and to make them think about their inner selves. Painting helps to demonstrate his sensual logic and extreme private scene. Contradiction, ambivalent humor or details he recall sensually, these are the things he tries to grasp, page by page.


Works from Xiao Jiang also seems to emphasize authenticity, but the paintings themselves are surrounded by a strong sense of atmosphere. Seemingly silent but sound, his works are passing on energy through the silence. Xiao Jiang’s works have drawn its materials from the episode of movies and real life, which are so familiar to people but easily ignored. Under artist’s unique perspective, they are cut out and recombined. Xiao Jiang takes his inspiration from the reality but structures an absolute fantasy world, leading the audience to dislocated visionary feelings.


The exhibition will open on March 5th, and last until April 2nd.