Vanguard gallery

Gas Station IV



Artists: Lu Pingyuan, Zhang Lehua, Wu Meng, Emre Kuheylan

Opening; 5-8pm July 2nd

Duration: July 2nd till August 2nd

Vanguard Gallery, R204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai 200060

021-5252 2551  Tues-Sun. 11am-6pm





Gas station, launched in 2008, is a long-term project, aiming to cooperate with different young artists. Just as its name implies, “Gas station” is an energy station, offering the space where young artists can develop their full potential of artistic creation and deepen their communication with each. Via “Gas station”, Vanguard gallery shall have further understanding of artists’ fresh idea and particular angle, then widen its cooperation scope. Gas station now enters its fourth year. In the coming exhibition, we have invited four young artists: Lu Pingyuan, Zhang Lehua, Wu Meng, Emre Kuheylan(Turkey),featuring works in photography, painting, behavior art and related vedio.


Lu Pingyuan pours his enthusiasm into the daily tiny aspects and does his works with mixed media language. Behavior work “the fire youth” is his thought about fire, which is the point between existence and disappearance, turning thing to ashes suddenly. Though it, Lu represent his anxiety and uneasiness.


Zhang Lehua’s science publicity paintings show his sense of humor when facing real life. The conflicts between the serious form and the pornographic content make the audience re-consider their life. In the video work named “A Speed-up Educational Program of Shout Painting”, painters with different background are screaming while painting. Witchcraft –like ceremony makes art mysterious and funny. “What is art” is questioned in this work.


Wu Meng’s “Play Fire” series are the documentary of her behavior art. Five pointed star formed wire is fired and burning up. On the other side, the same shaped kite is flying in the sky. The five pointed star possesses its signification in Chinese culture unconsciousness. Wu Meng arouse the question how does its meaning change today in this work.


Emre Kuheylan is a young photographer from Turkey. His documentary photo works with dramatic power are like a “silent storm eye”. He is good at use the elements in actual life like frog to create a dummy reality world. Then the life in mysterious Turkey unfolds before us.


Emre Kuheylan_Man Without a Head

Emre Kuheylan_Cotton Rain


The exhibition will be on view through July 2nd till August 2nd .