Vanguard gallery

Go Back To Future


Artists: Wang Xin,Ye Linghan

Date: 11am-6pm, Nov.11-Dec.27 2011

Opening: 5pm-7pm, Nov.11 2011

Venue: Vanguard Gallery,. R204 Building 4A, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 21-62993523




Go Back To Future, the exhibiton opening this November at Vanguard Gallery, introduces two young artists’ work, Wang Xin and Ye Ling Han. Their latest pieces, Wang Xin’s video Pumpkin Land and Ye Ling Han’s paintings, will be presented this time through which they are responding in different ways to their new inspirations as well the new challenges they are facing today.


Just graduated from the New Media Department of School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Wang Xin has always been highly curious about and kept exploring the invisible world that is vague and uncertain. From the animation installation The Grey Flying to the Mars which she did upon the graduation from the New Media Department of China Art Academy in 2007 to the later interactive animation installation Undefined Landscape in poetic and abstract manner, it appears that the artist has completely been living in her own spiritual world whose richness and attraction seems far more than the grotesque material one that we are living in could ever give. In her works one can never miss her aspiration towards as well the cautious stepping into the ample and mysterious realm.


Whereas in Ye Linghan’s pieces you may always find links to the past or the history. His way of recording and imagining history is different from others, which is about the disappearing existence. It gives his piece a taste of mystery by discovering and recording the disappearing of both tangible and intangible. While in his early pieces he was still trying to add the background of the time by which the fact of things being disappeared were set off by the process of industrialization, he chooses to give up all the “safe” background in the new piece and focuses on things disappeared, in which the direct confrontation distinguishes the hidden background. In this exhibition Ye would present us the paintings related to his animation duiring all his creative periods and also the independent works, by which he attempts to twist his past mindset so that a bigger possibility can be achieved in the most primitive state.





The exhibition closes on Dec.27.