Vanguard gallery

Gas Station V


Artists: Bi Rongrong, Chen Tianzhuo

Opening: 5pm-8pm, Nov.17 2012

Date: Nov.17-Dec.16 2012

Venue: Vanguard Gallery, Rm. 204 Bldg. 4A, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 62993523






“Gas Station V” is slightly different from the past series. The two young artists we invited for this exhibition, Bi Rongrong and Chen Tianzhuo, are returnees respective from the Netherlands and the British. Multiple education background makes their works presenting different language style from domestic ones of the same age. Their works whether paintings or installations, break our habitual view angle and arise the viewer greater imagination.

The sense of distance and ambiguous relation have been seeking and enlarged infinitely in Bi Rongrong’s creation, which were aroused by the contradiction between private emotion and pubic exhibition space. For Bi Rongrong, a sketch with a record of her own memory is a very personal material. It seems contradictory to display such personal sketches in an open exhibition space. But it also means an extension of personal factors in the public environment, which being changed for her participation. In such a context, artists invited friends to participate in this default situation, who were acquainted in her past journey and all related with culture and arts. She records in sketches of memory fragments between her and these friends and is to show various forms of drawings, installations and other works, according to diversity of each exhibition space and records of different friends. “Gas Station V” will be the first step of this plan.

Display in same space, Chen Tianzhuo’s creation unfold his pursuit of the ultimate perfect in details and visual gorgeous,whether in his paintings or devices. But these luxuriant and perfection are constructed little by little from absurd, exaggerated and even some bloody parts. Every day, there’s filled with all sorts of true, false, absurd, anger, lofty, etc. in our life. As his confronting, artist impresses on these absurd and flashy local, striving to create a fictional religion or similar religious experience, for example, some specious concoct adder, religious symbols and even worship place, etc. It seems that all the fanaticism, ecstasy and selfless become reasonable and accepted on the major premise of religion. The results after feverish are often very absurd. But absurdity is the artist’s affection, which probably is appearance of the world in his sight.


“Gas station V” will last for a month till Dec. 16th.