Vanguard gallery

Looping Theatre


Artists: Guo Xi、Hiraki Sawa、Hsu Che-yu

Duration: December 4, 2015- January 3, 2016

Venue: Vanguard Gallery, R204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai 200060

Tel: +86 21 62993523




This exhibition tends to explore the mode of ‘looping’. When the video works from different artists being projected on one screen, will there be a multidimensional space at the moment of intersecting? Or if they will be context for each other and execute penetration even more subtle? The “Looping Theatre” will start on Dec 4,2015, presenting the video works from Guo Xi, Hiraki Sawa and Hsu Che-yu. Hope that you will find your own answers during the time of gazing.


Exploring and hypothesizing is the method for Guo Xi to infinitely approach to the truth. However this kind of exploring maybe represented as a kind of dramatic humor, which makes effort to soften or even destroy the usualness for viewers to feel the sense of absurd and anxiety. Furthermore, he prefers the act of “piercing”, making little poles on the hard husk of ideologies, through which people will be given a chance to glance at the truth hidden within. In <Untitled>, the usualness and the truth alternate repeatedly, in the messages from the artist, the viewers have the time to face with the query lying under the representations.





Psychological landscapes, unexpected worlds and the interweaving of domestic and imaginary spaces have always been the core problems focused and represented by Hiraki Sawa in his video works. Maybe the experience of born in Japan but working in London, and majoring in sculpture then turn to video work has brought him the rooted complex of displacement and migration, which could be found in his most well-known <Dwelling>. In the video, airplanes conjuring a solitary apartment dweller’s drifting, explore the memories, displacement and migration in a cycling and repeated way. To Hiraki Sawa, “Coming full circle is movement without displacement. In that time, you simply are, and all change is in the looking.”


The creation of Hsu Che-yu build up an illusion between reality and imagination. He reconstruct person in real life into animation figures and relates them to a real news event, which ends up in a fiction merge of the two sides. <Microphone Test: Letter to Huang Guojun> is a video work focusing on criminal, death and etc in a kind of humorous way. In the video, ‘death’ does not lead to an end, but reversely is being used as a language referring to the deeper truth. ‘Fiction’ here comes to be the ultimate force which laid a solid foundation for query between memory and truth.