Vanguard gallery

2005 SBM(Autumn) Art Show


Artists:  Chen Jiansheng, Gu Liang, Gao Xiaowu, He Diqiu, He Zhenxiang, Lei Yan, Pan Wenyan, Qiu Ying, Tang Tian, Wang Xiaoben, Xie Aige, Zhu Shiwei, Michel Beaucage(Canada), Dionisio Cimarelli(Italy), Robert Bourasseau(France)

Duration: 2005/10/15 – 11/30

Opening: 3:30 pm, 2005/10/15/

Venues: Super Brand Mall 6F, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai


Curators:  Lise Li,  Perry Jin





What is the measurement for the quality of exhibition nowadays? Does that come from the reputation of artists, or the fresh fine art works from new faces? This has been a challenging question.


Proposing an art exhibition has been well regarded as a difficult job under the title of “contemporary arts”. It is almost impossible to satisfy every viewer’s taste and need no matter the way that the exhibition is organized. Since each individual has got their unique understanding and measurement about this area, we tend to take this opportunity to offer a stage to those fresh new bloods. Fortunately, our proposal for the exhibition has been fully supported by Super Brand Mall with their understanding on this project.





Those fine art works which will be shown in the exhibition are about to get the audience to find everything new and fresh, although they have been well recognized with reputation in the art circle. We believe this is where the fascination of these art works comes from. The true meaning of fine art is that it will always bring you the feeling of happiness and excitement, to let you perceive the charm of fine art itself.