Vanguard gallery

“Out-look” @Shanghai


Organizer: Super Brand mall   

Co-organizers: Vanguard Gallery, Lemon, P2A,, Oriental Visual

Curators: Su Bing,  Lise Li,   Feng Zhifeng

Consultant: He Bin

Supervisor: Tang Ying

Opening: 3:30pm, Dec.17, 2005

Time: Dec 17,2005 – Jan.2th, 2006

Venues: Super Brand Mall 6F, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai






Shopping Mall!A public Space!A place for trading and shopping!What kind of atmosphere will be created when works from artists and designers appear at the same time in the shopping mall? Now here comes the breakthrough of an avant-garde Design & Art Exhibition with an inspirational concept to view those elements demonstrated by the show. With the intention to apply such new concept, there are more than 30 young artists and designers who have created their works in various ways, which includes design, pictures, video and installation. The entire exhibition will be perceived as an inter-related combination of the four elements: art, design, culture and commerce.



Design as well as art is an open concept, and the role of designers has become multi-characterised in the contemporary art industry. Without the aid of a proper stage, most of the works created by the younger generation of the Chinese designers will be wasted as a result of the isolation to the public. We should aim at a way to spot those works with potential and let them go public. Hence we regard the show named ‘Out-look’ as a new voice and new breathe to capitalize such new concept!