Vanguard gallery

Outside & Inside


CFC Preview

Time:2006/4/20 – 4/23

Address:Nanjing International Exhibition Center


CFC Public Art Exhibition

Opening:5:00 pm, 2006/5/13

Time:2006/5/13 – 5/28

Address:Nanjing Grand Palace Citizen Square /CFC Clubhouse






Organized by the Vangaurd Gallery and Nanjing Changfa Real Estate, the “Inside&Outside” Contemporary Art Exhibition is an exhibition of art forms such as installation, sculpture, multimedia, graphic arts and performances. We invited 21 domestic and foreign contemporary artists to convey their thinking and concern about urbanization process and urban culture, in their own different ways through the works.



The exhibition is divided into indoor and outdoor two parts. Each artist’s works are also placed indoors and outdoors to form an interaction. The whole exhibition will be a dialogue between art and architecture, and also the contemporary artists’ thinking about space and urban culture. We hope that the “outside & inside” would be more than just a kind of exhibition in the form but also  a cultural internal and external echo.




4/20 – 4/23     Nanjing International Exhibition Center

5/13 – 5/28      Nanjing Grand Palace Citizen Square /CFC Clubhouse

Curators:Lise Li,   Su Bing



Cao Kai, Chen wall, Cui Xianji, Gu Xiaoping, Guo Haiping, Gao Xiaowu, He Diqiu, Li gun, Liu Fei, Liu Weijian, Liu Bolin, Liang Yue, MARI FURUKAWA, Petra Johnson, Pu Jie, Sun Xun, Tang Maohong, Wu Junyong, Wang Qiang, Zhang Jianhua, Zhang Dunheng.