Vanguard gallery

Regular Movement of the Objects


Artist: Seo Jung Bong

Duration: 2006/10/11 – 2006/10/30

Venues: NO.50 Moganshan Rd. Bld.#21 305

Tel: +86 21 52522551

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Our current society is rapidly changing. In particular, the change in digital media deserves to be noticed.  Digital has infinite possibility to realize what is possible only in our imagination and dream. Digital media can replace complicated analogous system based on incomparable speed and quantity. It is applied for art industry such as movies, digital images, computer games through photonic communication and satellite system. We realize that digital media are changing our life quickly.


I created geometric space using such digital media. And I placed different objects such as balls, circles and hexahedrons at some locations in the space. They have relative locations and directionality by their different properties and forms. The objects in the space move and are arranged in organic form, which complete geometric space in the three-dimensional infinite category. Through repetitive arrangements and movements, the geometric space has finally immediacy.

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The objects constituting geometric space are repetitively arranged and move in a certain form, which symbolizes “I” and “we” living in confined space category. The regular movement of the objects describes our life which is compose of boring repetitive life and regular movement of different objects recognizing both rationality and irrationality and existing in confined space.