Vanguard gallery


Artist: Nam Hyo Jun

Duration: 2007/4/14 – 4/24

Venues: Vangurd Gallery, 50 Moganshan Rd.Bldg.#21 305

Tel: +86 21 52522551  62993523

Organizers: Vanguard Gallery,  Office339







In the “Vessel” exhibition which will open on 14th April 2007 in Vanguard Gallery, the participating artist  Nam Hyo Jun used the methods of photograph, installation and sculpture to express his experience and thoughts of growing up.


Nam Hyo Jun is a Japanese born artist with a Korean origin, his special identity and sharp art sense enables him to notice every tiny aspect of changes around and to him, also injecting all the thoughts about these minute changes into his works of art, using different method to express and demonstrate.




He describes his own body as a container, the good and bad, like and unlike memories and knowledge are like water injected into this “container”. The size of the container is limited, thus the water that can be added into the container is limited, given a certain time frame. When the container is full, old water has to be poured out before the fresh water being poured in. Likewise during our growth, me still being me, but mind is dramatically different as time goes. Me, is no longer me.





The show will last 10 days till 24th April.