Vanguard gallery

Getting accustomed to be impermanent



Artist: Liu Bolin

Duration: Aug 28th –Sep 20th, 2009

Venue: R204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Lu, 200060 Shanghai

Hours: Tues.-Sun. 11am-6pm

Contact: +86 21 62993523








Vanguard Gallery is pleasant to present you the latest solo exhibition of Liu Bo Lin—–Getting Accustomed to be Impermanent. You will have a chance to view Liu’s performance and relevant sculptures and pictures.


Born in 1973 Shandong, Liu Bo Lin graduated from the Art Department of Shandong Arts Institute with a bachelor degree and then further studied in the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master degree. His early works < Urban Camouflage > records how the fast-developed society covered people. Liu will further discover the theme in this exhibition.



People are at a loss and step by step, lose themselves in the greatly changed environment. They become content with the pursuit of the material and get ignorant of the spiritual need. This unconscious state is ubiquitous in our whole society and it’s like a toxin which lives in our body for all the time. Liu is fully aware of the fact that the spiritual paralysis is far more terrible than the physical death. As an artist, Liu can only express his emotion and fear in most direct way. Thus, displayed in front of us are the normal body which generates many different individuals, some are frenzied, some are reserved, some are frightened. As a matter of fact, all these helpless individuals grow out of abnormal condition.


These workings profoundly diagnose the ambivalent condition and facilitate people to discern the lack of spirit, enlightening them to have retrospection in life.


On the opening day Sep.6th, the artist will have a live performance and we are looking forward to seeing you there. The exhibition will begin from Aug 28th and end on Sep 20th.