Vanguard gallery

No Man’s Land


Artists:  Xiao Jiang

Duration:  Jan 6th till Feb.25th 2011

Opening:  Jan 6th 2011 4 P.M

R204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Contact:  +86 21 6299 3523      Tues-Sun. 11am-6pm







At the very beginning of 2011, Vanguard will bring you the solo exhibition named “No Man’s Land ” of young artist Xiao Jiang. On display are works created in recent years, especially in 2010.


At the first look on Xiao Jiang’s work, you will be encompassed with the sharp atmosphere. Something are left by his work unsaid, expressing the power in a silent way.Xiao Jiang’s works has drawn its materials from the episode of the movie and real life which is so familiar to people that is easily ignored. Under artist’s unique perspective, they are cut out and recombined. Xiao Jiang takes the inspiration from the reality but structures an absolute fantasy world, leading the audience to dislocated visionary feelings.



The rambling corner of the house or the daily necessities being put in the enclosed space in the image seem to have no relevance to the outside world. People rarely appear in his work while the things showed on the picture are with the trace of man. Therefore, story can be found everywhere in this no-man world. Artist is trying to establish an opening context which let the audience melt into his works and explore their soul. The real existence in the picture is not the concrete thing but the imaginary space for the abstract thinking.



This no-to-miss exhibition “No-Man’s Land” will be viewed on though January 6th till February 25th.