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Art Fair丨Liao Fei will Participate in Art Stage Singapore 2014



2014 Art Stage Singapore

Artist: Liao Fei

Date: 16-19 January, 2014

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Booth: China Platform No.8




Liao Fei’s works is started with his doubts about himself and things around him. He attempts to approach “things” via his works. The development of cognition achieved by human beings relies on scientific positivism to a large extent. The mainstream of view to cognize the outside world is a kind of material concept based on dualism which insists that the matter is an objective existence independent of consciousness. This kind of view is no doubt derived from our wish to divide things clearly and thus, the science developed from this view bears an aesthetic perception which is clear, simple and mechanical. Liao Fei is on one side holding strong suspicion to dualism, on the other hand, is strongly interested in the aesthetic perception based on dualism. All of these led him to begin his creation with the clue of “matter” from 2011. Gradually, he stretched his work out to the scale constructed on the basis of dualism and even the system itself.


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