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Artist丨Chen Tianzhuo will participate in “New Artrends” talk series—Kimo Milky Acid



Kimo Milky Acid

Speakers:Chen Tianzhuo, Lu Yang, Robin Peckham

Time:2014.6.28  16:30-18:30

Venue:UCCA Lecture Hall





“New Artrends”talk series continuously gives attentions to and arouses discussions on young Chinese art today. For the upcoming talk we’re delighted to invite two young pioneering artists Lu Yang and Chen Tianzhuo. For them, rather than an elitist notion with clear definition, “art” is no more than an expressive way and a legal excuse to do what they love. Indulged in different disciplines and knowledge as well as music, cartoon, film, fashion and design, artists combine these elements into their art to reach the punchy and provocative artistic style.


In the talk title “Kimo milky acid”, “Kimo” is from Japanese with the meaning of disgusting. Lu Yang’ new work “Kimokawa Cancer Baby” describes a group of cancer babies with grotesque but cutie appearances. While “acid” is from the solo exhibition title of Chen Tianzhuo in Star Gallery. It also reveals the nonsensical humor of the artist. Sometimes these controversial works show the artists’ values of extremeness and “bad” taste that audience might feel unease in front of them. Like the hippies attending the Woodstock Festival in the late 1960s who were actually the most goodhearted and harmless people, the artists work hard with light heart and sense of humor.


Young art writer Robin Peckham will also join with the two artists in the discussion of this kind of crossover art from a broader view.





Chen Tianzhuo, born in 1985, was graduated from Central Saint Martins of Art and Design and ChelseaCollege of Art and Design in London. The recent exhibitions and works include Tianzhuo’s Acid Club in Star Gallery, outdoor installation for Art Beijing 2014. Collaborated with Tianzhuo, Shangguan Ze’s the fashion series Sankuanz 2013 and Sankuanz 2014 won a crowd of young fans in SH Fashion Week.


Lu Yang, Born in 1984, was graduated from major of Multi Medias, China Academy of Fine Arts. Her representative works such as “Uterusman”, “Krafttremor”, “Underwater Zombie Frog Ballet” and “the Cruel Electromagnetic Wave Above Absolute Zero” show the artist’s crazy scientific experiments in the humorous and bizarre way based on the artist’s long-time study in anatomy and biology.


Robin Peckham is a curator and editor living in Hong Kong and Beijing. He founded and operated the independent exhibition space Saamlung until 2013, and has organized exhibitions for institutions including the City University of Hong Kong, the Goethe-Institut, and, most recently, “Art Post-Internet” at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. His writing is published regularly in Artforum, LEAP, and Monopol, as well as books for the MinshengArt Museum, Para/Site Art Space, and Timezone8, including publications on video art pioneer Zhang Peili and architectural interventionists MAP Office. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, and is a contributing editor to Randian.



By New Century Contemporary Art Foundation