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【7.26 Conference】—Wisdom and philosophy of the East and West



Wisdom and philosophy of the East and West
—The everlasting topics raised by Fu Manchu



These days the most enthusiastic topic on the internet and life is “Western fast food in China”. The simple problem of food safety, actually is caused by the different history culture and the reality between the East and West.


Artist Mujin and Tobias Rosenberger mentioned the Chinese figure “Fu Manchu” who was popular in the west for hundreds of years, through the animation and other forms to make the figure specific and cartoonishon the exhibition “Great Rejuvenation” at Vanguard Gallery. Under the historical background, artists hope to reconsider the topic of the East and West which began from one hundredyears ago and it has been continued.


Russel compared and explained the Easternand Western on the different aspects in his article about Chinese character.The article includes how to show the Oriental civilization through humorous and the tireless pursuit of cultural, the pride of national self-confidenceand the attitude for power and money, Westerners seek to change their understanding of the civilization,etc. These Comparison and discussion has deep realistic meanings even now.Mujin and Tobias Rosenberger hope to in order to the Chinese figure Fu Manchuwho was created by western before on hundred years. Artists will invite relevant people to discuss the historical and realistic significance of issues presented in exhibition “Great Rejuvenation” at a conference on July 26th. Especially in today’s internet developed open society, the topic seems to be especially meaningful.


If you have interested in this topic, please reply our Wechat to sign up (Due to space limitations, we just invite 25 people to join the discussion,sorry for that).


Conference: 3pm, July 26th. Please go to Vanguard gallery (R204, Bldg. 4A, 50 Moganshan Rd) to see the exhibition first and the conference will be start at 3pm on Wistage (Floor 4, Bldg.15, 50 Monganshan Rd). We anticipate your joined! Thank you.


Thanks to Wistage for providing a venue.