Vanguard gallery

Artist丨Mujin Participated in Center Hub @Basement6




Basement6 presents Center Hub, a four-channel sound+film interactive experiment set in a WWIII bunker. Center Hub will feature a split film piece by Mujin, a soundinstallation from Mequisto and an online social strategy by Olo Systems. These three elements form a virtual panic room, playing with containment + constriction,identity sharing, and web proximity.


This one-night only exhibition will open at 7pm on Friday, June 19,2015. The interactive elements starts at 20:00 and 21:00, trialed participants must send the message “RSVP 8pm (or 9pm) + contact number (or email)” to our public wechat ID “basement6” in order to take part.


Please arrive ON TIME with your phone battery charged. Doors will be closed after the experiments start.

Address: Basement6, basement of 115 PingWu Lu, Xuhui, Shanghai


Mujin’s 4-Channel Video is now being exhibited at Vanguard Gallery exhibition “Nowhere to hide”, till July.6th, welcome to visit.