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Art Fair | Hsu Che-Yu Participated in Moving Image Istanbul


2015-09-Moving Image-电子请柬-01

Moving Image Istanbul 2015

Artist: Hsu Che-Yu

Hours: Fri, Sept 4, 2015, VIP Preview (by invitation only)

Sat, Sept 5, 2015: 12:00 – 20:00
Sun, Sept 6, 2015: 12:00 – 18:00

Venue: Haliç Congress Centre, Sütlüce Mah. Karaagaç Cad.No.19 34445, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey.





Moving Image was conceived to offer a viewing experience with the excitement and vitality of a fair, while allowing moving image-based artworks to be understood and appreciated on their own terms. Vanguard Gallery will participate in the fair and presents artist Hsu Che-Yu’s video work.




Artist’s Satement

Hsu Che-Yu



I always insert a pair of fictional characters, one male and onefemale, into my work. For me, re-creation is not the event in retrospect, butthe dramatization of it. Message is accurate in form but unrecognizable to theeyes – an irrational state of the interface. Behind its functional facade liesits sensible interior – a spectacle.


I mimic Apple Daily and Next Media, whose animated news re-createsscenes using computer-animated characters. I create my own fictional charactersacting in different events across his works. For me, medium is no longerinvisible, but an opaque intermediary faithfully transmitting the message. Anevent becomes a product self-directed and self-acted by someone, a namelesscharacter – The Perfect Suspects.


I tried to present different time perceptions in media. For me, itis a kind of medium connecting with his self-constructed reality. The interfacedissolves the message, making it unreal.




November 11th, 1970.

This work is about “Collective unconscious”. This is a piece of news about sitting statuary at Zhongshan Park in 1970. That was the period of martial law. I’m unable to understand the atmosphere at the times before I was born, but today, I feel the illusion. I return to Zhongshan Park, and the fictitious spirit is summoning me. In this work, I answered the old history news. Every image of my work is from Zhongshan Park, and the credit roll subtitles are derived from the old news video. Of course it’s not a memorial work. It’s about irony. This history is not true for me; I can only sense it as a ghost. Although I went back to Zhongshan Park to film, the park in my work is no longer a history, nor the real moment. After the issue involved in the space, it became a different image, just belonging to itself.