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Artist丨Yi Xin Tong will participate in “ REKNOWN” in NYU Shanghai Art Gallery


Aggression Project – Frog
侵略性项目-青蛙 Aggression Project-Frog, 附于墙面的胶粘乙烯打印 Adhesive vinyl print attached to the wall, 300x395cm, 2016



Duration: Feb.19-29, 2016

Venue: NYU Shanghai Art Gallery, 1555 Century Avenue, Pudong,Shanghai

Curator: Pro. Gerald Pryor





Yi Xin Tong’s new work “ Aggression Project-Frog” will participate the group show “ REKNOWN” in  NYU Shanghai Art Gallery on Feb.19, curated by Pro. Gerald Pryor. Pro. Pryor invites 7 Chinese alumni he taught before to participate “REKNOWN” which relates to Chinese contemporary art, meanwhile Pro. Pryor will give a talk with the topic of “ Chinese contemporary art and New York” on Feb.19.


Aggression Project – Frog is one of the three individual photomontages that constitute the Aggression Project. The other two are Crab, and Spider. The central imageries in the works originated from photographs Yi Xin Tong took in the rural areas of the United States when the animals were wary and displayed aggression. Constructed from a large number of images I made and collected over the past three years, Aggression Project – Frog indicates a relationship between animals and humans slightly different from the one we currently have and hence possibly a world with an alternative evolutionary history.