Vanguard gallery


Gao Mingyan (b. 1983)


1983      Born in Shanghai

2005      Graduated from Shanghai Art & Design Academy

Now lives and works in Shanghai



Solo Exhibitions

2021      You Are More Important, Tsutaya Books (Shanghai), Shanghai, China

2018      Special Project of “Huge Huge” Artist- in- Residence Program, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, China

2016      War in The Pocket, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2013      Exercises of Living, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011      My Study Room, Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

2011      Trace, Art HK, Hong Kong


Group Exhibition

2019      Sooner/Later, SNAP, Shanghai, China

2019      Comradery, FIU Gallery and SNAP, Shanghai, China

2019      EXIT PLAN, SNAP, Shanghai, China

2017      Yell Space Programme Exhibition – Partial Archive,Yell Space,Shanghai, China

2016      EXPECTATION, SNAP, Shanghai, China

2016      SHENZHENMAF 2016– South::Chambers::Phenomena, G&G Creative Community, Shenzhen, China

2016      In the Dimensionality, Between Art Lab, Shanghai, China

2016      Pixel Park, Jiangan Sculpture Park, Shanghai, China

2016      WE- A Community of Chinese contemporary Artists, chi K11Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2015      New China/New Art, Nottingham, United Kingdom

2015      Faith, Courage, Three Pounds of Flax, MoCA Pavilion, Shanghai, China

2014      Study, Jewelvary Art and Boutique, Shanghai, China

2014      Warehouse Story – The 10th Anniversary of Vanguard Gallery II, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2013      Wave, Temporary Art Space of Bund 18, Shanghai, China

2013      Shanghai Surprise, K11 art space, Shanghai, China

2013      Existence—+Follow Young Artists Group Exhibition, MOCA, Shanghai, China

2012      Alternatives to Ritual, Goethe Open Space, Shanghai, China

2012      Mock-Up: Architecture of Spatial Art, MOCA, Shanghai, China

2012      Warehouse Story, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011      Shell economics art fair, SWFC, Shanghai, China

2011      Rennes Video Art Festival, V Art Center, Shanghai, China

2011      The Youth Sale Store IV, Shanghai, China

2011      Youth Artist Experimental Season, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China

2011      Yun Lang Project, Galleria dell’Arco, Shanghai, China

2011      Comfortable Collection, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China

2011      Contemporary Art Top Events, Shanghai, China

2011      Re-performing the History Taking the Stage over Art Project Series, Bund 18, Shanghai

2010      The Third Party- An Exhibition in Three Acts- How to Be Alone, Platform China, Beijing

2010      Double Acting, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China

2010      Summit of the six, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2010      Reflection of Mins–MOCA shanghai envisage, MOCA, Shanghai, China

2010      Learning from the Literati, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China

2010      Mindless but pleased, Shift Station, Shanghai 2010, Shift Space opening exhibition, China

2010      Use hand to do job, Shift Station, Shanghai, China

2010      The youth sale store2, Pekin Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

2010      Haven’t you heard? – Artists of the 80’s Contemporary Arts Group Exhibition, Hong Kong

2010      Make Over, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China

2009      Urban Stories, The X Baltic Triennial of International Art, Lithuania

2009      Mixture Effect, Shanghai, China

2009      Vanishing, DDM warehouse, Shanghai, China

2009      Art’s New Economic, Osage, Shanghai, China

2009      Detective Story, Tianjing Gallery, China

2009      Intrude: Art & Life 366, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

2008      The 5th Small Productions Event, Shopping gallery, Shanghai, China

2008      Show Time, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China

2008      Intrude: Art & Life, ZENDAI MOMA, Shanghai, China

2008      Comfortable, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2008      Gray Fertilizer Is Gray, ShanghaiYueZhouRoad No.50, Shanghai, China

2008      Art Multiple 2008, Ke Center, Shanghai, China

2007      Refresh: Emerging Chinese Artists, Arario Gallery, Beijing, China

2007      Refresh: Young artists group exhibition, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

2007      Made in Songzhuang 2, Sunshine art museum, Beijing, China

2007      Running water from Shanghai, Around Space, Shanghai, China

2007      FCA, Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, China

2007      Intervene, Shanghai, China

2007      Amusement Park, Shanghai, China

2006      1/9 Young Artist Exhibition, BizArt Art Center, Shanghai, China

2005      Garble, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China

2005      Fruit knife, BizArt Art Center, Shanghai, China