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Peng Yun


1982                  Born in Sichuan
1999-2003       Degree in Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
2004-2007       Master’s degreein New Media Department in China Academy of Art
Now lives in Macau, working on art creation and education.


Solo Exhibitions:

2016       “Souls Which Are One Shall Meet”, Berlin

2015       “Peng Yun & Jose Drummond– A midsummer night’s dream”, Macau

2013       “Fixation – Peng Yun Video, Photography, Installation”,  Beijing

2011       “She Says” ,  Macau

2009       “Emptying”, Pingyao



Group Exhibitions:

2018     Post-“She”, VanArtSpace, Hangzhou, China

2018     Goddess in the shell, Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum Hangzhou, China

2018     Offline Goddess, YinyanSpace, Hangzhou ,China

2018     Wrath of Goddess, Art170Space, Hangzhou, China

2018     Women Artists 1th International Biennial of Macao, Macao, China

2018     Presents Young Artists Exhibition, China Academy of Fine Arts, China

2018     Encounter in Macao – Arts and Cultural Festival between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, Macao, China

2018     Now: A Dialogue on Female Chinese Contemporary Artists, UK

2018     Presence  Young Artist Exhabition, HangZhou, China

2018     Screen Refreshing/Labor:AMNUA Photography Exhibition 2018, NangJing,China

2018     Women Artists 1st International Biennial of Macao, Macao

2018     Now: A Dialogue on Female  Chinese ContemporaryArtists,          Manchester,Nottingham,Middlesbrough,Essex,Liverpool,London

2017     PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, ShangHai,China

2017     WE,Montreal,Canada

2017     The sweet life?,HangZhou,China

2016     Danube Video Art Festival”, Grein, Austria

2015      Polyphony III”,NanJing

2015     Photo Shanghai 2105”,Shanghai

2015     New China /New Art contemporary video from Shanghai and Hangzhou, London

2015     Chinese Visual Festival, London

2015     “NOT ON SITE—Absolute threshold and a type of site-specific drift”, Nan Jing

2015     “Macau International Performance Art ”, Macau

2014      VAFA – Video Art for All – International Video Art Festival 2014, Macau

2014      AFA Autumn Salon, Macau

2014      The 11th China Independent Film Festival , XiaMen

2014      1St Edition of the International Festival of Chinese and Lusophone Film and Video-FICH”, Lisbon, Portugal, Coimbra , Evora , Cabo Verde , Brasil

2014      “Where is China”, Bei Jing, China; Lisbon, Portugal

2014      “FEBRE”, Lisbon, Portugal

2013    “Guang Zhou Live 4 International Action Art Festival”, Guang Zhou.

2013    “SIMP Project”, Hang Zhou.

2013    “AFAAutumnSalon2013”, Orientefoundation, Macau.

2013    “PHNDORA’S BOX”, Japan

2013    “CROSSROADS・ANOTHER DIMENSION – A Cross-Strait Four-Regions Exchange Project”, China, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

2012     “Art Melbourne 2012, Melbourne”, Australia.

2012     “Cidade Preocupada 2012”, Portugal.

2012     “Inward Gazes: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art 2012”, Macau

2012     “Future Pass”,  TaiWan.

2012     “The Script Road – MACAU LITERARY FESTIVAL”, Macau.

2012     “WAVES – AFA 5th Anniversary Members’ Exhibition”, AFA, Macau.

2012     “The world of girls”, Japan

2012     “AFA Autumn Salon 2012”, Oriente foundation, Macau.

2012     “Discovery – A Creative Journey through the Works of 20 Macau. Contemporary Artists @MGM”, Macau.

2012     “ORBIS Charity Day”, Macau.

2011     “Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011”, Singapore.

2011     “Nostalgia Refreshed Old Macao + New Media”, Macau.

2011     “Wordscape – Poetry Project 2011”, ShenZhen.

2011     “Macau Scenery – AFA 4th Anniversary Exhibition”, Macau.

2011     “AFA Autumn Salon”, Macau.

2011     “VAFA – Video Art for All – International Video Art Festival 2011”, Macau, Beijing,Portugal.

2011     “Future Pass – Collateral Event of the 54th Venice Biennial”, Venice.

2011     “Imaginary Belongings – Macau Contemporary Art”, Portugal.

2011     “End to End” New Media Art Show, New York.

2011     “Macau International Performance Art Festival 2011- Asia Live Art Showcase”, Macau.

2011     “Body Metaphors – Asian Cotemporary Art Exhibition”, Macau.

2011     “TOKYO FRONTLINE – New Concept Art Fair”, Japan.
2011     “Macao International Trade and Investment Fair” , Macau.

2010     “VAFA – Video Art for All – International Video Art Festival 2010” ,Macau.

2010     “AFA Autumn Salon”, Macau.

2010     “Human Emotion Project” – Exhibition of International Artists Using Film & Video, Beijing.

2010     “Soldier Crab 1” – The 2010 Caochangdi “PhotoSpring” Photography Festival,  Beijing.

2010     “Ebony & Ivory” – Exhibition by 10 Macau Photographers, Macau.

2009     “Belgium Europaria Festival – Fantastic Illusions” Media Art Exhibition of  Chinese and

2009     Belgian Artists, Belgium.

2009     “China PingYao International Photography Festival 2009 – Chinese Curator Exhibitions   2009”, PingYao.

2009     “Shanghai eArts Festival – Fantastic Illusions” – Media Art Exhibition of Chinese and Belgian Artists, Shanghai.

2009     “A U” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai.

2009     “Present” Exhibition 2009, Round 2 Summer, Shanghai.

2009     “The Interest of Texture” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenghua Art Centre,  Nanjing.

2008    “Inward Gazes: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art 2008”, Macao.

2008    “Virtual City – New Power – China Contemporary Art Biennale 2008” , Shanghai.

2008    “Refresh: Contemporary Art of Emerging Macao and Shanghai Artists”,       Macao.

2008    “Hidden Life: Apartment Diary”, Lin & Keng Gellery, Beijing.

2007   “Focus Automatically 15 Video Art Works”, Su Zhou.

2007   “Refresh” – Emerging Chinese Artists Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beria Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.

2007   “Fragmentation” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing.

2007   Shanghai eArt Festival 2007—“@ Origin”, Shanghai.

2007   “Refresh” – Emerging Chinese Artists Contemporary Art Exhibition,  Shanghai.

2007   “Without Boundaries” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing.

2007   “Product Festival” – Festival for Contemporary Art, Bulgaria.

2007   “Next Festival 2007 Moving Images Festival Looking for Innovation”, Lithuania Viluani

2007   “New Media Art Forum – The 4th International Gallery Festival”, Beijing.

2007   “Light and Shade” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hang Zhou.

2006     “It’s all right” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hang Zhou.

2006     “The 3rd China International Animation & Digital Arts Festival” PLAY(S) – International  Digital and Multimedia Arts Exhibition, Chang Zhou.

2006     “Conversation 10+10” – Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art,         Shanghai.

2006     “China and France Young Image Worker”, Beijing 798 , Beijing.

2006     “Tai Tou Jian Xi” – Contemporary Art Exhibition , Hang Zhou.

2006     “Yawn” – Contemporary Art Exhibition , Hang Zhou.

2005      “Gift” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hang Zhou.

2005      “Aoto” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hang Zhou.

2005      “China.QingSe” – About Exploration , Ag-art Warehouse, Hang Zhou.

2005      “A Group Exhibition by Young Video Artists”, Shanghai Duolun Museum of  Modern Art, Shanghai.

2005      “920kg”, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai.

2005      “Let Some Thoughts See” – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hang Zhou.

2004   “Labyrinth” – Chinese New Media Art Festival, Hang Zhou.



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