Vanguard gallery


Xiao Jiang (b. 1977)


1977 born in Jiang Xi

2000 graduated from Nanchang professional technology normal academy

2000-2003 further study in China Academy of Art in oil painting

2006 till now live in Shanghai



Solo Exhibition:

2021  The Distant Mountains, Platform China, Beijing

2021   An Inward Odyssey, 7-314, 314 Tongren Rd, Shanghai

2021   Mountains Aside, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2020   In Common, LEO Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2018   Right in Sight, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2017   MOUTAINS, MOCUBE, Beijing

2015   PARK,  BIG SPACE,Shanghai

2014   Along the way, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2013   Object / Room, Café Showroom, Taipei

2012   Sign for an inexistent river, Platform China, Beijing

2011   No Man’s Land, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai



Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019   A Turning Moment, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

2019   The Kind Stranger, UNArt Center, Shanghai, China

2019   Incandescence,BIG SPACE X Chino gallery, Shanghai, China

2019   Group Exhibition in Summer – To Youth, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China

2017   Socialist Baroque , N3 Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2017   Decoherence, ShangART, Shanghai

2016   Warehouse Story IV, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2015   The Park, Thousand Plrteaus Art Space, Chengdu

2015   IVY ART 2015 · Chinese Young Artists Annual Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2015   Warehouse Story V, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2015   Illusory Realness and Truth, Galerie Huit, Hong Kong, China

2015   Resolution, SVA-NYC Art Platform, Shanghai

2014   RED,Night of Shanghai Art Theatre, Shanghai

2014   Study, Jewelvary Art & Boutique, Shanghai

2014   Art in the City, K11 art space, Shanghai

2014   The Thorn of Life, Café Showroom, Taipei

2014   Warehouse Story – The 10th Anniversary, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2014   ART 14 London, Olympia Grand Hall, London

2013   The Sun, V Art Center, Shanghai

2013   Warehouse Story II, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2013   Shanghai Surprise, K11 art space, Shanghai

2012   Daily of concept—A practice of life, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai

2012   YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Taipei

2012   Showtime, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2012   Re – Painting, Platform China, Beijing

2012   Contemporary Art Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists, Bund18, Shanghai

2011   19 Solo Shows About Painting, Platform China, Beijing

2011   Shell Economics, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai

2011   The 2nd Chongqing Biennale for Young Artists, art museum, Chongqing

2011   Daily—-depicting the cultural existence 2nd, Qinghe art museum, Nanjing

2011   The Youth Sale Store, M50, Shanghai

2011   Contemporary Art Top Events, TOP Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai

2011   China International Gallery Exhibition, World Trade Center, Beijing

2011   Décor, Arrow Faxtory, Beijing

2011   Yun Lang Project, Galleria Dell‘Arco, Shanghai

2011   Contemporary china, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Ireland

2011   At Sixes and Sevens, M50 Creative Space, Shanghai

2010   Reflection of minds—MOCA Shanghai Envisage, MOCA, Shanghai

2010   2nd time- mindless but pleased, Shift Space, Shanghai

2010   opening exhibition-use the hand do the job, Shift Space, Shanghai

2010   In the blink of an eye, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2010   Daily—-depicting the cultural existence, Qinghe art museum, Nanjing

2008   Gray Fertilizer Is Gray, YueZhouRoad No.50, Shanghai




The Franks-suss Collection, UK

Qiao Zhibing Collection

Other private collectors