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The creation of Yi Xin Tong is like a modern wanderer, wandering in the city, collecting pieces of daily life and converting to poetry. Fascinated by taking some heroic adventure, romance and absurd things, seems to follow one’s inclinations, don’t pursue in the form of a delicate, is the result of careful layout, hidden under the ordinary surface layers of the language of poetry. Yi Xin Tong create objects, moving images, and sound to discover human culture’s dynamic relationship with nature at a geological scale. His work explores the polymorphic quality of both living and non-living beings, and with a wry sense of humor, instigates noise for societal beliefs in value, decency, and rationality.








The Birth of Julung-julung: The Aquatic Dragon   

HD video with sound  |  24’52”  |  2019-21









Origin of Ripples – Yukon Chapter   HD video projection | 13’33” | 2019









Poems in the Mount Lu Zoo: Clouded Leopard in the Clouds 

 Ten-channel HD video installation  | 2015-20









Parallel Tetrahedron   

Metal, wood, video, sound, lights, inkjet prints | 1090 x 460 x 400 cm | 2017









Aggression Project – Spider and Trampoline

Strange New Health–Aggression Project – Spider and Trampoline   

Jacquard tapestry, galvanized metal tube, steel eye bolts | 64 x 90.5 x 2.5 inches | 2016










Yi Xin Tong "NYC Fishing Trip – Water Is in Front of the Bushes", video with sound, 4'39", 2016

NYC Fishing Trip – Water Is in Front of the Bushes–Calvert Vaux Park   

Video with sound | 4’39” | 2016








Yi Xin Tong "Rushing Across the Field as a Dotted Line", Fluorescent Lamps, Dimension Variable, 2015

Rushing Across the Field as a Dotted Line   

Fluorescent Lamps, Dimension Variable | 2015









Yi Xin Tong " Cry You a River over Night", Light Box, 80 x 120 cm, 2015

Cry You a River over Night    Light Box | 80 x 120 cm | 2015






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