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Zhu Changquan

Zhu Changquan’s creation came from the analysis of people’s daily lives. He wants to analyze the influence of a variety of potential factors in daily behaviors to reveal the rules underneath. He believes that the effectiveness of image does not originate from its significance carried, but due to their potential strength, which can release the audiences’ own experience. Also, it can work more consciously in this big social machine. He thinks development of anything is not single linear, “full-factor narrative” is the artist’s understanding of image creation, which is to generate a new narrative form with images and everyday objects in the space through drama, animation, installations and painting.


Dark Beyond Deep   Digital simulation video, dual screen, dual channel | 17’40’’ | 2019-20


I’m Disguised, Right in front of You   Dual channel video | 10’00” | 2021



History of an Action: Aisle-A   Digital simulation, Silent | 17’18’’ | 2018


dead island_A4

History of an Action: Dead Island-A   Digital simulation, two channel | 10’01’’ | 2018




Head without Brain No.3

Head Without Brain D   Rendering, light box | 130 x 60 cm | 2016-2017



Head Without Brain B   Scene image | 4’50” | 2016-17


1 300dpi

Zhu Changquan "Transplant", Video, 5’02”, 2014-2015

Transplant   Video | 5’02” | 2014-2015



Zhu Changquan "Blow up", Video, 9’24”, 2014

Blow up   Video | 9’24” | 2014