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The essence of Tang Chao’s work is like ItaloCalvino’s suggestions on lightness in literature. For instance, he refines awhole script into one sentence: “The dilemma of being in a modern island, aparadise of self-exile.” And recently: “Several delightful dots covered of aseries of weak voices.”When you focus on the tone and rhythm of thesentence,  and express it though camera, youthen get the shaking focus, light and the scenes. The words are not the mostimportant content; they are sometimes softly whispered, stuttered, or eventopsy-turvy. Of course he occasionally uses pictures, performances, installationsor dramas for expression, sometimes even typing a few letters on the keyboard.Tang Chao is good at pause and press space, press and hold for a fewseconds                would be fine as well. Healways tries to release some illocutionary meaning in every blank space with astraightforward manner.







Turquoise and Shadow Spring

Three-channel video / color / sound / 11’00’’ / 6480×3840 / 2022

Commissioned by UCCA Center for Contemporary Art










Single channel video, color, sound, 4K|  2’05’’ | 2021









 Butterfly Darkroom   Three Channels  Video| 11’07’’| 2019










The Scales Flicker, Like Trees Skipping the Flame

Four-Channel video in Synchrony,color,sound|3’19’’|2019










Single Channel Video,Color,Sound|6’49”|2019







Local Photography No.2

Single channel video|4K / Color|Sound|11’51’’|2018








Local Photography No.3

Photography|30cm*40cm each, five pieces|Giclee Print|2020









Near Salt Lake    Single channel video|  13’46”|  2017








太空人偶 Astronaut Doll 视频Video 2017

Astronaut Doll    Single channel video|  10’01” |2017









Refuge Island 2    Video|19’31”|2015 









 Days in Vain     Video|22’10’’|2014






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