Vanguard gallery

Art Fair | Tang Chao will participate in LOOP Barcelona 2017


Artist: Tang Chao

Dates: 25 and 26 May 2017

Location: Carrer Pelai 28, 08001 Barcelona


Vanguard Gallery will be presenting the video works of Tang Chaos at this year’ s LOOP Barcelona 2017. Tang Chao 1990 Born in Hunan. 2014 Graduated from Art of China Academy of Fine Arts. Recent Exhibitions: JIMEI·ARLES International Photo Festival, Xia Men (2016), NOWHERE TO HIDE, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai (2015), Emerging Curators Project–Nightmare of Exhibition (2st-half),Power Station of Art, Shanghai (2015), Hinterland Project, Time Museum, Guang Zhou (2015) etc.


Artist’ s statement:

封面图still 04

Refugee Island | Video| 15’31”,2015


I don’t believe in objectivity, but art is always in the pursuit of reality in my mind, it seems contradictory, because the real is not realism, it also includes the artist’s temporary response in an environment. For me, without doubt, it is too cheap to take the normal response as a work, which is too low. What really works is the ability to create language ambiguity and turn it into rhetoric power when in an emergency state.


Politics is to create a community in which people want to love the same street or the same tree. Art is to provide differences: perceived differences. I think the moment of reconciliation between art and politics is that this thing can be political or not, including the public nature of the “event”: it is often aimed at the personal senses. But I think senses is also creation, it can provide a “synaesthesia” to connect the audience. We can’t be someone else, but can let others feel the same way.


I exiled myself into an amusement park, fantasy in a “modern island” dilemma. There are shots of subjective pathfinding and foraging; dizziness when sitting on game device, and the signal flare launched from the cable car. I also want to show some kind of “game” alienation accompanied by the process of urbanization, but when it comes to this, I should shut up. Because if throw the “sense of the game” and “aesthetics” to the industrialization and general consumption problems, it is bad. And my video describes the reality of the objective world, turning it into words is only a clue to thinking, it can only convey a value, but can’t let people see, listen, to provide another way to feel this value.


I have recently seen some videos of the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab. There are the fictional reality, the balance between different disciplines, and it’s a fluctuating balance, which interests me. Just like what Marina Tsvetaeva said, “But a whirl arrived — and a chasm is left. From the wing on right to the wing on left!” This balance is beyond political in the normal sense and is really about the storm of the objective world and the abstract abyss.