Vanguard gallery





A Project of Tang Chao

Artist: Tang Chao

Booth: A209

Date: 10.17- 10.22, 2017

Venue: 9 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris



Vanguard Gallery will present Tang Chao’s solo project at this year’s Asia Now Paris Asian Art Fair, which includes two videos: Near the Salt Lake and Local Photography, as well pictures in the same series of  Local Photography.




地方摄影04 Local Photograph 04  | Photograph  摄影 | 19.8 x 29.7 cm, 2016   



In Local Photography, Tang Chao, by working with two policemen, organizes a series of whether-or-not photography activities in order to participate some photography festival. Things become even more nihilistic when being manipulated as the perspective of observation, the dimension of thinking and the transition of power all transformed in one frame after another, and the “truth” falls completely apart. Images from Local Photography, which look like the evidence of its video, are on screening through the viewfinder.



As Tang’s latest video piece, Near the Salt Lake deprives of being narrative that is commonly seen in his previous works. By using the images in a more abstract manner, he deliberately enlarges parts of the scene to avoid exploring the narrative. Sounds of breathing, laughter and wind keep reminding us the subjective existence of the video maker.



Tang Chao1990 Born in Hunan. 2014 Graduated from Art of China Academy of Fine Arts. Recent Exhibitions: From Lack to Light , Vanguard Gallery ,Shanghai (2017 solo);  JIMEI·ARLES International Photo Festival, Xia Men (2016); Emerging Curators Project–Nightmare of Exhibition (2st-half), Power Station of Art, Shanghai (2015), Hinterland Project, Time Museum, GuangZhou (2015) etc.



盐湖边 Near the Salt Lake | 13’46‘’ 视频Video, 2017