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Artisit | Zhu Changquan wins the Special Award of the 5th Huayu Youth Award



Zhu Chang won the Special Award of Huayu Youth Award presentation site



Congratulations Zhu Chang won this year’s  the Special Award of the 5th Huayu Youth Award in Sanya


Zhu Changquan’s installation of video installations sets an immersive environment for the audience, enabling the audience to navigate in a paradise-like miniature world formed by the mutual interweaving of virtual reality and conventional reality in a direct physical examination. Drawing on the new world of 3D images and the overlap of fresh and withered plants, he questions real and life values by citing cyber-linguistic and historical events that span historical time-space, reminding us that “people live in the present And between the future, the reality and the imagination, especially in the Internet age, the living space begins to expand from reality to virtual space.Most of the time we live in the mind is not in the real world space, so now It is hard to tell which one is closer to reality, unlike the religious paradise or the Lydhavian life of Tengda. There seems to be no existence of God in this space, but the emphasis on people, or on human relations. Words do not convey all of our emotions in this space, and we need to produce rich images to help make our statements more accurate. ”







Zhu Changquan’s works are attractive and have outstanding representation among the contemporaries. He lets us truly share the new perspective of the artists in the Internet age facing the world and their enigmatic and frustrating living conditions for the future.