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artist | Dual Solo Exhibition in OCAT Shanghai: Zhu Changquan and Wang changcun




Wang Changcun: The Sensation of Logic」     |      Zhu Changquan: History of an Action


Artists: Wang Changcun, Zhu Changquan

Curators: Lu Leiping, Tao Hanchen

Exhibition Duration: From September 21st to December 2nd, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, September 21st, 5pm

Venue: OCAT Shanghai, 30 Wen’an Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai



OCAT Shanghai is pleased to present two solo exhibitions, The Sensation of Logic by digital media artist Wang Changcun and History of an Action by Zhu Changquan, the recipient of the “Special Award” of the Huayu Youth Award, opening from September 21th to December 2nd, 2018. The exhibitions are curated and nominated by independent curator Lu Leiping and assistant director of OCAT Shanghai, Tao Hanchen. Born in 1980s, both media artists think outside of the frameworks of traditional art domains by adopting scenario simulation, microscopic simulation, computer programming, electronic music, and other languages to present young artists’ different perspectives in observing the world and new means of engagement with everyday life. At the same time, the exhibitions further reveal the inevitable shift from representational to site-specific art practices in the development of media art. Wang Changcun invites the viewer into the actions of virtual images by manipulating the joystick, while Zhu Changquan creates virtual scenarios through digital technology to bring viewers to participate in the details of his adventurous stories. Both artists’ approaches have unquestionably demystified “I think therefore you are”, an idiom derived from Descartes’ “I think therefore I am”, aiming to establish artistic encounter and interaction on site, and a respect for the existence of diversified thinking.


History of an Action maps Zhu Changquan’s artistic practice since 2014, shedding lights on a distinct but underlying clue among his works. Unlike Wang Changcun who processes a large volume of programming language, Zhu Changquan adopts video as his primary artistic language. From perspectives of logic disintegration, behavior deconstruction and polysemy of symbols, Zhu expounds on issues of perception, language, time and space, memory, existence, etc., and forges “All-factor Image Narrative” as his core practical concept. History of an Action, in Zhu Changquan’s interpretation is “a process of movement between the fingers and the development of events or of symbolic characters.” In his view, the past is static, and to consider everything as a thing in the past allows for an elucidation, where one can access the truth through memories, or to inquire deeper about the truth. As one steps into Zhu Changquan’s scenario-simulated labyrinth of consciousness, where he stands lies the forking history of infinite possibilities, while the future is over there.